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  • Even if we're breaking down, we can find a way to break through Even if we can't find heaven, I'll walk through Hell with you Love, you're not alone, 'cause I'm gonna stand by you Even if we can't find heaven, I'm gonna stand by you Even if we can't find heaven, I'll walk through Hell with you Love, you're not alone, 'cause I'm gonna stand by you
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[25 Oct 2020|06:31pm]


I don't know how but my friends in my dreams are even hotter this second go-round.

I got wind of rumors that Shinra was going to collapse the plate above Sector 7 so I went undercover to get more information.

So there's this guy who runs a casino and entertainment district in the slums. Really skeevy, occasionally takes 'wives'. He's the one with the info, so I planned to get close to him.

Aerith and Cloud decide to try to save me. So that's how we all end up on dresses competing for this man's affections and I'm actually not surprised to say Cloud won. He was too cute not to win. But I wasn't expecting them and this was technically my first time meeting Aerith and I was pretty much immediately that Brooklyn 99 'I have just met her and' meme.

Anyway we threaten the man, get the info, then end up dropped into the sewers to fight monsters. while we try to get back to sector 7 in time to stop Shinra.

Again it's really similar events but they're playing out very differently. I definitely don't remember the trainyard being like that before and those new phantom things keep showing up.

Of course, I know they succeeded in dropping the plate the last time, but this timeline is different, maybe we can save all those people...

[25 Oct 2020|02:51pm]


I've been spending a bit too much time online looking at Halloween baking ideas because I definitely want to spook out the menu near the end of the week thanks to Halloween being on a Saturday.

I found some good ones at this site, so if you see something you want me to try making let me know and I'll even give you some for free. Definitely going to make some worms and dirt because that's one of my favorite items.

Also, may throw in a discount if you come in costume to pick anything once the Halloween items hit my shelves on Thursday.

[25 Oct 2020|02:47pm]


I think my mom wants to come down here from Oregon for Thanksgiving and that's really expecting a lot from me for being able to cook a whole Thanksgiving meal in my apartment LOL

I am alright at cooking, but hoping that my oven holds out for all the items that my mom wants. It almost makes me want to do one of those pre-made meals that different places offer, but I think my mom will want to be a purist with this meal.

How is it not even Halloween yet and I'm already stressed out about the holidays? LOL

[25 Oct 2020|03:21pm]


Casper got himself into some trouble last night - he figured out how to open the door to Maman's bedroom and went inside to sleep on the foot of her bed. I understand she's upset that he came upstairs when he's not supposed to but I think it's very smart of him to have figured out how to open doors. And he didn't make a mess in there - he just slept.

[25 Oct 2020|09:04am]


OMG I'm so exhausted I could sleep FOREVER. And I just woke up but it's like no sleep ever despite that fact. Probably because I was bouncing around doing all these different jobs in my last Dream with someone as we tried to figure out a purpose. Working in a bakery to doing retail to harvesting ice and then super not sketchy at all (totally sketchy) work at the docks but it was resolved. AND now I'm an ambassador after helping solve a border dispute and saving an animal sanctuary????? But I made a new friend in the Dreams so that's definitely a good thing.

But I still just want to go back to sleep because that was a lot.

[25 Oct 2020|02:29am]


I saw the most amusing thing earlier, while I was out. There was an SUV with a plastic skeleton attached to it's spare tire. I wish I could have taken a picture of it, but he was too far ahead of me to get a good one. I love when people get creative and decorate their cars for holidays. One time around Christmas I saw a car in a parking lot with lights on it. I wish I could have seen it when the lights were on.

[25 Oct 2020|02:10am]


So I'm starting to think that I need to get some new games in the rotation when I'm at home relaxing I spent the day on GTA seeing if any of my cars could survive getting hit by the train in game. The answer: no matter how armored your car in the game is it's still going to blow up if the train hits it just like in reality. I even tested it out with my tank just because.

[24 Oct 2020|11:28pm]


Who: Simon Lewis, Clary Fray & Jesus Rovia
When: Backdated: Saturday, August 13th.
Where: The Institute
What: Hunkering Down While Everyone Else Fights the Paradooms
Rating/Warnings: Family Friendly
Status: Complete

Jesus still couldn’t quite believe the things that were going on outside )

[24 Oct 2020|09:11pm]


Today felt like Friday the 13th. I over slept. Then I spilled my coffee. Then I dropped the external drive I keep my work files on, and now it's borked. And now I've burned dinner because I got distracted playing with the dog. I called off work tomorrow, and I think I'm going to stay in bed all day.

[24 Oct 2020|09:03pm]


Doesn't matter how advanced my dreams are, I'm still excited when science happens. Landing on an asteroid and collecting samples is a really big deal.

[24 Oct 2020|06:02pm]


I should know better than to think nothing can shock me anymore from the Dreams. But being drugged by nuns and locked in the basement of a convent is definitely not something I would have ever expected. At least I didn't blow up the

[24 Oct 2020|07:09pm]


Can I go back and take back everything I said about not wanting Daddy to play out every potion learning session during the campaign? Because I would happily sit through that every weekly play session as opposed to listening to him have his character attempt to seduce every humanoid enemy our party comes across.

At least Kurt seems to be more amused than disturbed by his grandpas. I swear next week I'm just calling Okaasan and putting her on speaker so she can hear this.

[24 Oct 2020|03:26pm]


I have been at work all day, trying to think of cute couple costumes for Elijah and myself for the studio party on Friday.

Bob Ross and a Happy Little Tree
Danny and Sandy
Bell and Adam from Beauty and the Beast.
Mary Poppins and Bert Halloween

However, I think Morticia and Gomez of The Addams Family might be the perfect one.

[24 Oct 2020|02:26pm]


So I've read on the network how people end up with things. Sometimes it's things that will serve them just fine, other times not so much. I had two things show up and one of them? Fine, okay. A book published in 1605. Not sure how I got my hands on that, there's no telling.

Second is a pretty big sized battle axe. What exactly am I meant to do with a battle axe?

Log -- Parker || Tim [24 Oct 2020|02:05pm]


‣  WHO: Parker || Timothy Drake
‣  WHAT: Bringing food to somebody who always forgets
‣  WHEN: October 23
‣  WHERE: Police precinct
‣  RATING | WARNINGS: Low || No warnings applicable
‣  STATUS: Complete || Log

Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.
Read more... )

[24 Oct 2020|03:18am]


My dreams this night were alarming, which is a vast understatement.

We'd won. And yet ...

My friends and I have fought those godlike primals and brought the nations together in that fight and yet we were betrayed by those we'd recruited to help us.

Regicide and the body of a dear friend lain at the feet of another, the blame cast upon we Scions and in our mad dash to escape we each took a stand in turn so that the others might make it further.

Thancred and I were the second to last, bringing the caverns down upon our heads to block our pursuers and ensure Minfilia and the Warrior of Light could make it further.

I cast an ancient spell in an attempt to escape the cave-in and it must have succeeded, for we were drawn into the Lifestream, bound to the aether that is the life's blood of our world. I only know my friend escaped, because she was the one who was able to draw me back out of the Lifestream.

When I woke, I was blind. But if I concentrate I can see the latent aether and energy in the air and in the living.

It's hard to describe what it looks like. I cannot see faces, or details, just blobs of light. But I may know a spell that can leverage this to see normally at times.

It too is a forbidden spell so I wager there will be a price the same as that escape spell.

[23 Oct 2020|10:48pm]


So...either someone thought it was funny to dump a crap ton of metal in my backyard overnight or the dreams just gave me the parts to a speeder. I'm guessing the one I used on Crait.

Weekend project?

[23 Oct 2020|10:30pm]


Milan Fashion Week was this week and hands down, Moschino had the best show. It's was probably the most creative thing I've ever seen. Whoever thought to use marionettes as the models should get a raise. And the fact that they had a miniature of Anna Wintour in the audience was brilliant.

[Obviously ignore the bit about the pandemic.]

Log: Peter & May [23 Oct 2020|12:26pm]


Who: Peter & May Parker
What: Reuniting
When: Tuesday/backdated to her arrival.
Where: Airport
Rating/Warnings: PG at most.
Status: Completed via gdoc.

It just made sense that she’d eventually make the move too. )

[23 Oct 2020|08:39am]


[ Texts: To Ash (Echo)]
>> Is it me or is today going by really slow?
>> Feels like we've been here forever already.

[Texts: to Ash/Echo; Raven; John Murphy]
>> Plans for Halloween?
>> Going out?
>> Horror movie night?

[23 Oct 2020|08:01am]


[Texts: Sam Winchester]
>> Any more dreams?
>> I haven't had any.
>> Kind of feels weird.

[Texts: Ben Braeden]
>> Hey
>> How's classes going?
>> Anything new and exciting going on?

[23 Oct 2020|07:48am]


[Texts: Ali Bell
>> Hey
>> So...
>> Halloween is on a Saturday.
>> Do you have plans?
>> Or planning to be by The Cellar?

[Texts: Lisa Braeden]
>> Hey stranger.
>> Dinner and Open Mic night again, Saturday?

[Texts: Vanessa Cleveland]
>> Hey there
>> How is everything?

[23 Oct 2020|07:36am]


[Texts: Octavia Blake]
>> Hey you
>> Want to go costume shopping after school?

[Texts: Adrien Agreste]
>> Hey!
>> Any plans for Halloween?

Texts: [23 Oct 2020|07:14am]


[Texts: Vanessa Cleveland]
>> Hey!
>> What are your plans for Halloween?

[Texts: Ben Braeden]
>> Heyyyyyyyyy
>> What are you doing?

[Texts: Lisa Braeden/Turner]
>> Heyyyyyy
>> I'm thinking pizza for dinner later?

[22 Oct 2020|07:13pm]


...It's going to be a long night. New partner is basically a bull in a china shop, somehow all the files that were on my desk are now being put back together because he knocked over the stack of them. Send sanity, or coffee. Both one in the same at this point.

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