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  • Even if we're breaking down, we can find a way to break through Even if we can't find heaven, I'll walk through Hell with you Love, you're not alone, 'cause I'm gonna stand by you Even if we can't find heaven, I'm gonna stand by you Even if we can't find heaven, I'll walk through Hell with you Love, you're not alone, 'cause I'm gonna stand by you
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[Private Messages] [26 Jan 2021|09:44pm]


[Group Message to Bellamy Blake, Octavia Blake, John Murphy and Raven Reyes]

I wanted to let you guys know that I'm going to be working at Mercy's Clinic starting next week. I don't know if you've heard of it, but it's run by dreamers. So if any of you end up with any dream related injuries come there instead of the hospital. You won't have to try and explain random bullet wounds or impalements or whatever else our dreams throw at us.

[Message to Maria DeLuca]

Hey, have you heard of Mercy's Clinic? If you haven't, I'm going to be working there starting next week and it's run by dreamers so if you or your friends end up with any dream related injuries come there.

[26 Jan 2021|06:10pm]


I think this is the first time I can say that the post-Christmas blues hit. Hard. Kinda wishing I’d left the lights up longer.

Text to Hayley [26 Jan 2021|06:07pm]


>> What are you doing this weekend?

Text to Hayley [26 Jan 2021|05:57pm]


>> So the big V-Day is like two weeks away...
>> Am I going to walk in on you and Elijah?
>> Tell me if I need to make myself scarce.

[26 Jan 2021|12:58pm]


Who:Kristoff and Elsa
When:Backdated to december snow things
Where:just in the city
Warnings:Literally none.

No way this is normal... )

Text to Ali, Elena, Jeremy [26 Jan 2021|03:09pm]


[Text to Elena and Ali]

>> Spa night at my house Friday at 7pm.
>> You can come before but the ladies I've hired will be here at 7

[Side text to Elena]

>> Ali dreams are so fucked up.
>> I'm doing my good deed for the year.
>> Don't make a big deal about it.

[Text to Jeremy]

>> I'm stealing Ali on Friday night for some girl time.
>> Baby pictures might get shown. JSYK!

[26 Jan 2021|02:51pm]


I think it's a sign of growth or something that dream me is taking to living in the prison.

Meanwhile, the restaurant is doing great. Dreams aside, I'm glad I opened the location in the OC.

Max Evans [26 Jan 2021|11:14am]


>> I'm not coming in today.
>> I'm fine, just need a spa day.

Seth [26 Jan 2021|10:58am]


>> Wanna blow off some steam tonight?

[26 Jan 2021|09:32am]


So the cutest thing happened today. I decided to stop for coffee on the way to work, treat myself. A family was in line in front of me and the little girl looks at me than aggressive declares as she points at me to "Don't stop smiling today."

I replied "Yes, ma'am!"

She replied with a growl "Good!" and than her dad turned her around, telling her she wasn't suppose to speak with strangers and her mom looked over and mouthed "sorry,' I shook my head at the apologize, "It's fine," I mouth back and we both smiled at each other.

Don't stop smiling today!

[25 Jan 2021|09:13pm]


I finally got my advisor to sign off on my internship arrangements. I don't know what my former case worker told him to make him accept that I don't plan on using my degree in child psychology to work as a psychologist to help children but he finally agreed to let me intern for credit at social services. And when I think about it I really don't want or need to know.

[25 Jan 2021|08:51pm]


Who the hell is she? Also, I know I said that my dream self was off his rocker before, but holy fuck. He's even more so now.

Also, REALLY?!? I am SO done with these damn dreams.

FRANK CASTLE [25 Jan 2021|09:32pm]


>> I have received the report from child protective services today.
>> They're satisfied with your care and are going to recommend you to receive full custody of Amy.
>> Hearing is set for February 17.
>> I don't expect any surprises. Just a formality and then you and Amy can put this behind you.
>> Congratulations, Frank.

Txt message to Anna [25 Jan 2021|07:51pm]


>> Hello
>> My name is Y'shtola, I was the one who took you to hospital
>> I wished to check up on you, how do you fair?

[25 Jan 2021|06:14pm]


I feel almost bad breaking the heart of my neighbors dog. Every day he comes to my door with a ball or a toy for her and they play for a little while before his owners come to pick him up and he gives her a little lick before leaving. Unfortunately the first thing I did after the puppies were weaned and rehomed was get her fixed because I'm not going to breed her. And seeing how bad off she was when they brought her to me because of the unplanned pregnancy that her previous owner let happen? I wasn't going to put my sweet girl through that again.

[25 Jan 2021|05:12pm]


You know... I'm not entirely sure what is going on but it feels... colder somehow. I'm not sure how, exactly, but it does. I'm going to have to invest in more sweaters.

Also, I'm pretty sure that no one keeps ledgers for bootlegging anymore.

Dream!Theo also seems to be more into reading books than having tea parties with little sisters too.

[25 Jan 2021|03:52pm]


Took a train to Denver, Colorado to get a car and then drove to Kansas from there.

So DreamJake knows sign language. Which means that is no different from what I, myself, know. But he's been gone from Jericho for five years. Told his best friend that he had been around in the Army, but was only there to see his grandpa.

Well, his mom is better at understanding than the old man. Something about money for a clean start, grandpa gave the old man control over it. But DreamJake didn't stick around, he had to leave to go to San Diego the next day or be there by then, at any rate.

ALSO, OW. DreamMe had his car hit by someone because we both saw some kind of smoke off in the distance.

Car crashes suck. Also, those injuries? Slipped through the dreams. So, even more OW.

Dream!Jake is limping around, found a school bus full of kids. Wherever he was at before all of this? He has some kind of medical training. He did a tracheotomy on a little girl and used straws taped together to help her breathe. Supposedly he learned it in military school.

He did, however, manage to get the bus back to town. Despite the injuries.


We might need a hospital.

[25 Jan 2021|02:29pm]


Whoever they are they've been beating me senseless for 10 hours.

Also, dream me is a kinky son of a bitch. That's just... weird. Dream me is also of the mind that no one will give a shit about me and won't come to get me and/or find me.

Ben's a ghost. I hate Ben being a ghost! There's also a ghost there in the room with me and my torturers. Some Russian lady.

(Dream me is also having a fit that the bad guys are destroying his drugs.)

Ben keeps telling me to be strong.

Also, that sucks! It showed me when I was younger. Dad had left me in a mausoleum or something, in the dark for WAY too long. "Have you mastered your fear of the dead, Number Four?" (This only came about because I was trapped in a damn closet while the bad guys were gone for hours. Pretty sure he's also going through withdrawal but it's mainly the claustrophobia)

Dream me is sober. So, I can see the ghosts better. Talking to a Zoya, who was a victim of my kidnappers.

Their names are Hazel and Ca-Ca.

Shit. Diego, I'm sorry!

Also, WHAT THE HELL WAS IN THAT BRIEFCASE, IT ZAPPED ME... SOMEWHERE! (Also, the lady on the bus was oogling Dream!me, but then again, I was still only in a towel.)

[25 Jan 2021|04:15pm]


So in my dreams, I am such a badass with great fashion sense!

[Her boys]

I have two cakes on the counter.

DO NOT TOUCH THEM! For some customers, I already taped the boxes so I know if you get in them Jace!

There's brownies in the stove for you two.


I was sending pictures to a client, I didn't notice cat paw prints in the flour behind the cake.

Client wants a cake with those paw prints on them now.

[25 Jan 2021|03:25pm]


Going to work remotely from here, looks like I'm staying in the OC.

Now I need to find a place to stay, because I need my space and Chase's house feels small.

Why he even got a house so small with a big yard is beyond me.

[25 Jan 2021|03:22pm]


Texts to Regulus Black )

[25 Jan 2021|02:29am]


I never thought I'd have to do this but I'm instituting a dress code for Lux. There is a very short list of old men who's naked ass I'd like to say and if you are not on it there is no reason for me to have to see with your pants hanging down so that your crotch is even with your knees. Which is where the dress code comes in - my bouncers have all been told that anyone dressing that way will not be allowed through the door.

[25 Jan 2021|02:04am]


IT'S OFFICIAL! I just got the offer through my agent for my next picture! They're doing final edits on the werewolf movie I shot and still finalizing the designs for the Baby campaign to shoot it so it's time to start lining up the next project! I'm going to be playing a teenage pop star who's actually a ghost but through magic appears human when in front of people. I think I'm mostly excited about this project because a) I get to sing in it and b) Mina's got a part in it!

[24 Jan 2021|08:50pm]


I understand people wanting to get married on Valentine's Day. I have nothing against people wanting to get married on Valentine's Day. I just wish some people would realize getting married on Valentine's Day means it's going to be more bloody expensive than any other random day. I mean, not everyone who wants to get married on a holiday is like that, but I've had a good number of people who seem so shocked when I tell them how much certain things are going to be on Valentine's Day. Florists especially charge more for Valentine's Day weddings. When will people learn?

Text to Dean Winchester [24 Jan 2021|07:45pm]


>>Happy birthday Dean.
>>Jesse made you a present.
>>He wants you to come over this coming weekend when he's with me.
>>I have a present for you too.
>>That you can get before the weekend.

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